DOI registration

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) serves as a unique identification of online objects, and is the trademark of the International DOI Foundation.

DOIs may be requested through agencies, which also register the DOI in the central database. The University Library and Archives works with the CrossRef agency. The DOI registered with CrossRef not only increases traffic to the website of the publication, but may also boost the number of references made to it.

A DOI consists of a prefix and a suffix. Having received a prefix from the University Library and Archives, editorial offices may generate DOI suffixes themselves. Besides the formulation of the identifier, editorial offices are responsible for the so-called cross-linking.

A unique URL pointing to the document is necessary for the request of the DOI. The DOI must be included in every article (both in the electronic and the printed version). In the framework of OJS (Open Journal System) DOIs can be generated, assigned and displayed automatically.

If the publication does not have a website, upload and storage in a repository may also be a feasible alternative.

The document must be archived in the Digital Institutional Repository (EDIT) of ELTE in pdf/A format of good quality. Thus the University Library can provide for the longterm availablity of the document.

For further information contact: Gabriella Virág (

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