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Eötvös for Teens & Kids - Interactive Guided Tours

The University Library and Archives offers guided tours of our exhibition ”Under the spell of accuracy – The Life and work of Loránd Eötvös” for students. The purpose of our exhibition is the exploration of the exciting world of physics in an experience-centred way. The exhibition is presenting Loránd Eötvös's multi-talented personality through interactive devices. Using modern technologies, installations offer an experience involving all your senses to present Eötvös's exciting life, scientific and teaching activities and instruments.

For registration and more information please, visit our website at

We welcome student groups for lessons, thematic activities and project days. We are ready to organise guided tours in Hungarian or English about the history of the library, book and restoration workshop presentations, as well as bookbinding workshops (400 HUF/programme/person) for your students.

Discover the Facebook profile of the exhibition as well. We wish you a meaningful and pleasant visit of our exhibition.


Alternative programmes


Guided tours with presentation of old books

Our guided tours focus on the history of the University Library and Archives, Eötvös Loránd University. The library palace was designed by Antal Szkalnitzky. Up-to-date technology of the time was used for ventilation, heating and illumination. The tour will take you through the entrance hall decorated with sgraffiti to the reading room with figures on its ceiling which symbolise sciences and arts. Besides the magnificent art and architecture of the reading room of the University Library and Archives, you can also see an oil-painting of the middle-aged Franc Joseph I. by Mór Than. Our librarians will tell you the secrets, and show you the hidden nooks and crannies of the library.

Old book presentation

Old book presentations give you an insight into the special collections of our library, and the secrets of our ancient manuscripts will be revealed.

Bookbinding workshop – Arts & Crafts for Kids & Adults

Guided through every step, you can make your own hard-cover booklet during this workshop.

„Behind the scenes” – Guided Tour in the book restoration workshop

Visiting the restoration workshop, you will get acquainted with book restoration. You can learn about the conservation of valuable old documents, and see the use of paper pulp and the sewing of sheets, etc.

Lessons in the Shoah Lecture Room

Our Shoah Lecture Room with a smart board is convenient for interactive learning, lectures and trainings. The Visual History Archive of University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Foundation is available for research. It is also possible to use the archive for educational purposes. More than 54,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides can be searched and watched in the USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive. There are more than 1600 testimonies of eyewitnesses in the collection.

With its 1 300 000 names, 800 000 pictures, 70 000 keywords and 112 000 hours of recorded testimonies the collection is one of the world’s largest digital video archives.

For registration to our alternative programmes, please contact us at

We are ready to elaborate a special programme upon request focusing on students’ interests and your educational goals.

All visitors are welcome!

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Egyetemi Könyvtárért Alapítvány
vodkát akarok!!!!! :D
2019.02.08. 13:01
Vodkát nem tartunk a könyvtárban, de például az Egyetemi Könyvtár közelében számos vendéglátóhely található. :)
Tisztelt Könyvtár Szolgálat! A SciFinder adatbázis elérésével kapcsolatban érdeklődöm. Egyetemi hálózatról próbáltam belépni, a bejelentkezéshez caesar azonosítót és jelszót megadva, de nem működött. Hogy tudnám a legegyszerűbben elérni az adatbázist?
2019.03.22. 14:39
Köszönjük az üzenetet! Kollégáink igyekszenek minél hamarabb elhárítani a problémát, 1-2 nap türelmet kérünk.
2019.04.16. 13:51
Látogatójeggyel is van lehetőség az Arcanum Digitális Tudománytáron megnézni a digitalizált folyóiratokat?
2019.04.17. 11:45
Kedves Érdeklődő! Igen, gépeinken szabad a hozzáférés az Arcanum adatbázisaihoz.
Is it free to use the library space and wifi for general public?
2019.06.13. 10:34
Yes, you can use our library and the services free with a visitor's pass which you can get to information desk on ground floor.
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