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​Library Services Update - Reopening on 7th September

The building is open from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.

In order to use the library safely, and to protect yourself and the health of others, we would like to kindly ask you to

  • wear a mask or face coverings,
  • use the external hand sanitizer,
  • keep a distance of 1.5 m in the library.

The Library’s Main Reading Room reopens on 7th September 2020. Due to the limited number of places, and in order to avoid queuing, please, book your place in advance using the ELTE Library WebApp application or using our touch screen at the entrance. In addition to the reopening of the Main Reading Room, you can also visit the Literary and Journal Reading Room.

At the beginning of the new semester our catalog will be also renewed: with the ELTEfind search engine you are now able to search not only library documents, but also EDIT (ELTE Digital Institutional Knowledge Base) and subscribed databases in a single point search interface, similarly to Google search.

Our services:

Register/Renew membership online!

You can initiate registration and renewal of membership with the help of the ELTE Library WebApp application and arrange it in person in the Information Desk.

Book rental service:

Our librarians will compile the books requested in advance, online or by e-mail (, and we will notify you of the acceptance by e-mail or through the ELTE Library WebApp. Compiled books can be picked up at the Information Desk within two business days.

Open shelf files that are not currently available can be also requested. Books returned from rental will be reissued after a 72-hour quarantine.

You are still able to check your library debts through the ELTE Library WebApp or through ELTEfind.


Book return service:

Books can be returned in person at the Information Desk, by post, or dropping them into the book drop station by the entrance of the University Library during the opening hours.


Local library services:

In-Library-Use-Only items are only available in the Main Reading Room.

You have also the opportunity to request information about the use of special collection documents at the email address:


Reprographic services:

Self-service printing and copying is available for our readers in the Journal Reading Room.

Our library offers a range of copying services (printing, scanning, digitization, photocopying) at the Information Desk or in the Literature Reading Room.


Device Use:

Computers in the Literary Reading Room are available for searching the catalog. Internet use is provided on the computers in the Journal Reading Room. You can also borrow an external battery (power bank) for your own devices during the time spent in the library.


Our library information user services are available on working days from 9 am to 5 pm at the following contacts:


Other continuously operating services:


Up-to-date information about the available content and services can also be found on the social media interfaces of the library. Please, feel free to contact us on the following pages:

Feltöltő tagkönyvtár: 
Egyetemi Könyvtárért Alapítvány
vodkát akarok!!!!! :D
2019.02.08. 13:01
Vodkát nem tartunk a könyvtárban, de például az Egyetemi Könyvtár közelében számos vendéglátóhely található. :)
Tisztelt Könyvtár Szolgálat! A SciFinder adatbázis elérésével kapcsolatban érdeklődöm. Egyetemi hálózatról próbáltam belépni, a bejelentkezéshez caesar azonosítót és jelszót megadva, de nem működött. Hogy tudnám a legegyszerűbben elérni az adatbázist?
2019.03.22. 14:39
Köszönjük az üzenetet! Kollégáink igyekszenek minél hamarabb elhárítani a problémát, 1-2 nap türelmet kérünk.
2019.04.16. 13:51
Látogatójeggyel is van lehetőség az Arcanum Digitális Tudománytáron megnézni a digitalizált folyóiratokat?
2019.04.17. 11:45
Kedves Érdeklődő! Igen, gépeinken szabad a hozzáférés az Arcanum adatbázisaihoz.
Is it free to use the library space and wifi for general public?
2019.06.13. 10:34
Yes, you can use our library and the services free with a visitor's pass which you can get to information desk on ground floor.
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