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What is ULS?
The abbreviation stands for „University Library Services”, a service that includes all 49 libraries of ELTE. The service’s tasks are to collect, store, retrieve and provide information for use about disciplines that are being taught at ELTE.

Is it neccessary to enroll in each library seperately?
Yes, but for ELTE students, teachers and employees it is free of charge. Due to having a joint database, giving your personal information is only required for the first time you register. After the first enrollment, in other libraries, it will only take a few seconds, because your information will already be stored in the system.

Where can I find more information about provided services?
You can find the services options by: either clicking on  the „Services” option int he main menu, where under each service you can see which library provides it, or by searching for a specific library’s page, which you can find under the „Libraries” option, and all provided services of that instituion will be shown.

How can I search for a specific document in the holdings?
Every ULS library has their processed documents data uploaded to the ELTE union catalogue, which you can find under the „Search, research” menu, or directly at: http://opac.elte.hu. You can start a search on every libraries’ webpage by clicking on the „Libraries” option, but  in this case you will only search in the holdings of that specific library. You can find more information about the use of our online catalogue HERE, or you can ask for help in any library of ULS, librarians are more than happy to assist you with your first steps.

How can I reach the contents from home?
You can find publicly available documents in ELTE’s Insitutional Digital Repository (EDIT), which is located under the „Search, research” menu.  As a university citizen, you also have the option to browse databases subscribed by ULS from home using a required software and settings, about which you can find more information at: https://konyvtar.elte.hu/hu/szolgaltatasok/otthoni-eleres

What is „Electronic call slip service/electronic application form”?
With this service you can request books even from home or even during the weekend, and the requested documents will be transferred from our storage to the library. Using the Electronic call slip service/electronic application form, the requested documents can be used at the library without waiting. This service is currently only available at the University Library.

How can I ask for help?
If you can not find the answers for  your questions, you can directly ask librarians on the institutions own page, or you have the option to contact us via live chat, which can be found as a pop-up window on the left side of the page.

Egyetemi Könyvtárért Alapítvány
vodkát akarok!!!!! :D
2019.02.08. 13:01
Vodkát nem tartunk a könyvtárban, de például az Egyetemi Könyvtár közelében számos vendéglátóhely található. :)
Tisztelt Könyvtár Szolgálat! A SciFinder adatbázis elérésével kapcsolatban érdeklődöm. Egyetemi hálózatról próbáltam belépni, a bejelentkezéshez caesar azonosítót és jelszót megadva, de nem működött. Hogy tudnám a legegyszerűbben elérni az adatbázist?
2019.03.22. 14:39
Köszönjük az üzenetet! Kollégáink igyekszenek minél hamarabb elhárítani a problémát, 1-2 nap türelmet kérünk.
2019.04.16. 13:51
Látogatójeggyel is van lehetőség az Arcanum Digitális Tudománytáron megnézni a digitalizált folyóiratokat?
2019.04.17. 11:45
Kedves Érdeklődő! Igen, gépeinken szabad a hozzáférés az Arcanum adatbázisaihoz.
Is it free to use the library space and wifi for general public?
2019.06.13. 10:34
Yes, you can use our library and the services free with a visitor's pass which you can get to information desk on ground floor.
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