János Garay was born 210 years ago – Virtual library tour on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day

On the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day (the 22nd of January 2022), the ELTE University Library and Archives invites you to a virtual library tour. This year we remember the poet, writer and journalist János Garay, who was born 210 years ago and worked in the University Library.

The purpose of the anniversary events is to draw attention to the importance of commemorating our common values ​​and preserving our significant cultural heritage in Europe.

With the help of our short film, you can gain an insight into the history of the library palace, its architectural curiosities and its imposing halls. In addition you can get to know the history of our library and some of the famous people associated with our institution. The virtual tour also presents how the post office has helped the efficiency of library services and how long the Mátra lift has been operating, which is considered an industrial monument. From the roof, a spectacular panorama unfolds before your eyes, the best way to admire the Ferenciek Square and the Statue of Liberty on Gellért Hill from a bird's eye view.

Join us for our virtual time travel and visit our Eötvös exhibition as well as our digital exhibition!

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