Another ELTE FoH journals win „MTMT Qualified journal” title

The Repository Certification Committee of the MTMT (Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára = Hungarian Science Bibliography - the database of Hungarian scientific publications) issued certificates to the Elpis Journal of Philosophical Sciences based on the submitted certification requests.

The journal Elpis was founded in 2007, it operates from 2017 as Elpis Journal of Philosophical Sciences, the open-access, peer-reviewed, periodical journal of the Doctoral School of Philosophical Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest). It is acknowledged by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: it is listed on the "accepted journals" of the Philosophical Comittee of the II. Department.

The primary mission of the journal is talent management, providing a forum for young colleagues in the field of philosophy. It deem it particularly important to ensure an appreciative reception for Hungarian philosophical books and encourage philosophical debates regarding actual problems.

The qualification protocol is used on journals’ publishing practices that either publish in online database-based software, are open access or delayed open access. During the procedure, the journal's quality control process (peer review) and the practice of informing potential authors and readers are examined. The purpose of the certification is to support the work of the editorial offices, to promote the uniform operation of domestic web journals, which also ensures the automatic data uploading of the bibliographic data of the articles into MTMT.

Currently, 21 journals have this qualification, and 6 of them are affiliated with the ELTE Faculty of Humanities.

We heartily congratulate the editorial board of the certified journals, as well as the authors published in the journals, and wish them further success in their scientific work.

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