The Hungarian Periodicals Table of Contents Database (MATARKA) is an online database founded in 2002 which aids the searchability of the articles published in Hungarian scientific journals. The table of contents of the included journals and the bibliographic data are available on the website, while the text of the articles, if possible, can be accessed via links. If an online version is not available, a copy of the articles can be ordered through the National Széchényi Library.

MATARKA is also accessible with two other databases on a joint interface, i.e. EHM (EPA-HUMANUS-MATARKA).

The University Library participates in the building of the database since 2011, mainly managing periodicals published by Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE).
If your journal does not appear in the database and it is published by ELTE or one of its departments, please contact the staff of the University Library (email:

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