Digitized printed sources Almanac The university almanacs, yearbooks contain the name and other personal information of the institution’s employee, professors and students’. The almacs of Eötvös Loránd University have survived from 1830 to 1992/93 semester. Data from almanacs are very valuable, as they are the only sources from the 19th century that have preserved the list of students enrolled in the university.
According to ELTE SZMSZ 35. §. 5-6. (5) The staff of the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES are monitoring the records management and the disposal of the documents at the faculties’ departments according to the records management regulations. (6) the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES serve the supervision of the archives of the University offices and initiate the transfer of the documentation which has historical value.
Certificate of studies An important part of the work of the archives is the issuance of academic certificates. Customers can send us their requests in letter, e-mail or in person during the opening hours of the archives.
You can research in the research room. Every natural person may research regarding his/her research topic who adopt the research rules and the ordered documents are not subject to regulation. Our collegues and the reserch service manager can provide information the way of reserach. Research room openening hours: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 9:00 – 16:00 Photography is allowed. Photo ticket: 1000 HUF/day Our archives have an Independent library. Books cannot be borrowed, they can only be read in the library.
How can I get to the University Archives? Address: 1106 Budapest Maglódi út 8. Telephone: +36 1 313-3296 Email: info@leveltar.elte.hu In person: The nearest station is ’Kocka utca’ which is served by Tram line 28, 37 and Bus line 85E. After getting of the public transport walk down on ’Olaj utca’ until the Magyar Gyula High School then turn left tot he gate of the archives. If you arriving by car we provide free parking in front of the gate of the archives.
The university archives is the repository of the university's records. The records of large European universities with a history of several centuries were initially kept by the bureaus of the university, the rector’s, the chancellor’s and the deans’ offices, and later by the university libraries in general. As a result of the rapid development at the beginning of the 19th century, the organization, literacy, and administration of universities also changed: the amount of records created by the university, which had to be preserved, processed, and researched, increased exponentially.
The university archives takes over, preserves and processes the documents created by the lecturers and researchers who can be connected to the university, either during their university operation or during their scientific career. Inquire of: Dr. Krisztina Tóth Acting leader of the Archives toth.krisztina@leveltar.elte.hu
Fejezetek az Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem történetéből Muszka Erzsébet: A történelem és a történeti segédtudományok oktatása egyetemünkön 1770-1848. Budapest, 1974. (Fejezetek az Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem történetéből 1.) Dénes Iván Zoltán: Szekfű Gyula magántanári képesítésének ügye 1914-1916. Budapest, 1976. (Fejezetek az Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem történetéből 2.)
The repository guides are available in the united database of the Association of the Archives of Hungarian Higher Education.   VIII. Educational institutions (ELTE), 1635-2018