Ceremonial book adoption at the Cultural Heritage Days

Dr. Kulcsár Szabó Ernőné Gombos Annamária, Director General of the University Library and Archives of Eötvös Loránd University, handed the French Ambassador, Pascale Andréani a diploma, thanking her for adopting a book the second time.

The adopted volume tended with small illustrations (Le premier livre d’amadis de Gaule) was printed in 1555 in the workshop of Vincent Sertenas. In the book, the most popular story of its time throughout Europe, the adventures of Knight Amadis de Gaul come to life.

The book was donated by the Nádasdy family to the library of the Benedictine monastery in Szentkút in 1767, and in the 1780s Joseph II was admitted to the University Library because of his dissolving decree.

The volume, which is part of the written cultural heritage, was restored by the staff of the ELTE University Library thanks to the generous offering of the French Ambassador.

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