Secrets of pages – Old book presentation

As part of our book presentations, you can gain insight into the special publications of our library, during which the secrets of our old prints are revealed.

Our museum collection, which is part of the national cultural heritage, is also significant in Europe. The valuable collection preserved in the library (185 codices, including 14 corvina, 1,200 ancient prints, 11,000 16th-century antiques, 15,000 Baroque, and 75,000 18th-century works) was searched internationally. The main tasks of the library also include the care, preservation and presentation of our unique historical treasures. For a detailed programme, please, visit our homepage or the official website of the Cultural Heritage Days. All visitors are welcome!

If you want to contribute to the preservation of our cultural values, adopt a book yourself! You can find out more about our book adoption program here.


Venue for presentations of our old books:

University Library and Archives, Eötvös Loránd University

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 6.


17/09/2022, Saturday  – 12:30–13:00

17/09/2022, Saturday – 13:30–14:00

17/09/2022, Saturday – 14:30–15:00

17/09/2022, Saturday – 15:30–16:00


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