"The University Opens its Doors" programme in our library was a success

On the 24th of March 2022, the ELTE Alumni Centre organised a successful event entitled "The University Opens its Doors" in the ELTE University Library.

The ELTE alumni were given guided tours of the library. In the frame of our programmes the visitors could learn about the pneumatic mail, get an insight into our Reading Room, our Historical Storeroom and the Director General's Room, where they could admire a copy of the Perczel globe.

During the library tour, our guests were able to learn new information about the sgraffito in the lobby, the ceiling frescoes in the Reading Room with muses representing the sciences and arts, and the painting by Mór Than. Our book launch from the material of our museum collection revealed the pages of our book collections, while the guided tour in our restoration workshop gave visitors a taste of paper-casting and bookbinding techniques.

For more details about our library and our programmes, please visit our website. You can see our virtual library tour here. All visitors are welcome!

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