University biographical mosaics – Sports and science

Yolland Arthur (1874–1956) was a literary historian, Hungarian national champion tennis player, footballer, coach and football referee. He completed his university studies in Cambridge, then moved to Hungary in 1896 on behalf of the Ferenc József Educational Institute and became a teacher at the institute. From 1898 he was an English language lecturer at Pázmány Péter University. In 1904 he obtained a doctorate in humanities, and from 1908 he taught in the department of English language and literature at the university. He compiled several dictionaries and translated several Hungarian literary and scientific works into English. In 1925 he was elected dean of the Faculty of Arts.  

In addition to his scientific teaching activities, he also took an active part in sports. His favorite sports included golf, football, tennis, athletics, rowing and cricket. He played sports and taught at BEAC and other associations. He played for the Hungarian Athletics Club (MAC) as a tennis player, winning national championships in the men’s singles in 1899 and 1900.  

He was a historical participant, founder, distributor and referee of Hungarian football. Since 1897, he has been one of the first Hungarian football referees. Between 1902 and 1910, he followed the matches of the Hungarian–Austrian national team, which were the first official international matches of the Hungarian national football team. He is commemorated by BEAC Yolland Arthur’s Lifetime Achievement Award, which is awarded for many years of outstanding performance for the club.  

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