Book Presentation of the Dante Codex

On the occasion of the Cultural Heritage Days, the illustrious Dante Codex, which was last presented to the public in 2007, will be presented on 18th of September, 2021 from 3.30 pm. The unfinished codex belonging to the ELTE University Library probably was brought to Hungary during the reign of Louis I (the Great). In the 16th century, after the occupation of Buda, the Turks removed it as spoils of war. The Turkish monarch Abdülhamid Han returned the volume in the second half of the 19th century. The world-famous codex is one of the first surviving descriptions of the Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia) that differs in several parts from the canonized text based on Boccaccio's copies, decorated with 94 color miniatures, initials, and drawings. Discover the codex online in our repository ( and also visit our exclusive book presentation event. All visitors are welcome.

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