Welcome to our new website!

We are waiting for you with renewed content and user-friendly appearance from June 2, 2021 on the website of the ELTE University Library and Archives at konyvtar.elte.hu. From a separate main menu item, the joint website of the ELTE University Library Service (EKSZ) is still available, but it can also be opened independently from eltekonyvtarak.elte.hu/en. In our article, we summarize the most important information to help our users navigate on the new portal.

On the interface of the new portal and on the library websites – in line with the image of Eötvös Loránd University and modern trends – we publish our results, modern services and information related to our operations in an authentic and wide range for ELTE citizens and partners.

A vast majority of librarians at the ELTE University Library and Archives participated in the renewal of the website, taking into account the suggestions, requests and comments of our readers and library users. We have redrafted a number of texts, information materials and forms to help our users find their way around and serve them more efficiently.

In order to facilitate the search, we have placed two search boxes in the upper bar of the konyvtar.elte.hu page, thus our readers are immediately able to browse the contents of the catalog and EDIT, as well as the website.

The content of the portal is divided into six main menu items. In the Library menu, we collected the most important information related to the use of the ELTE University Library and Archives and the library services, thematically structuring our available services for our target groups.

In line with the mission statement of the university, the Research Support, as a key service profile of the library, received a separate menu item. Under the Archives menu item you can read about our archival services and events, the subpage can also be loaded from leveltar.elte.hu. In the Support Us menu, you can get to know the purpose and work of the Foundation for the University Library, as well as information about our book adoption program and donation opportunities. We also provide an appearance on the interface for our sponsors and partners.

The Savaria menu item guides you to the Savaria Library and Archives page of the Eötvös Loránd University Library and Archives.

You can find out more about our new collection coordination network, whose mission is to map and make visible the cultural heritage preserved by the university, under the Heritage menu item. The Heritage subpage can also be found at orokseg.elte.hu.

Under the menu item ELTE Libraries, the common services, news, and member library contacts of the University Library Service will open. In response to the needs of each faculty, our member libraries have created separate pages on the faculty websites, to which we provide an opportunity to proceed.

The interface is also suitable for sharing the latest information and professional successes, documents and good practices created during continuous quality improvement. Our goal for the ELTE University Library and Archives website is to function as a professional knowledge sharing portal.

From our website, we also provide information on our library history guides and museum book and restoration workshop presentations to a wider audience interested in culture.

The display of news and programs has also been renewed. From the main page, you can easily find out about our library, research support and foundation content, and we have tried to make the most frequently used interfaces available with a single click.

We hope that our new pages have contributed to an even more user-friendly and easier access to the information you are looking for. We welcome your comments, and we are gladly waiting for your feedback at this form.

We wish you a pleasant browsing!

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