Authors’ tasks

Record upload

Authors are responsible for uploading, keeping up-to-date and validating the data of their scientific works in the MTMT, even if the authors does not upload the data personally.

In order for the records uploaded into MTMT to be complete and acceptable to reviewers, co-authors and the general public, it is important to follow the following order:

  • Before starting the data upload or to continue an upload after at least a few days off; adding to myself the publications already uploaded by the co-authors is done by adding a standardized name form.
  • Quick and large amounts of data transfer and to collect database IDs that are essential in reviews, use the „Import from databases” button.
  • The manual upload of record. In this case extra care must be taken when setting up type, Subtype, category.

Data accuracy

Data accuracy such as the number of pages, database ID’s are priority for the review of the publications and for the recognition of publications uploaded by co-authors.

Avoiding duplicates

There are two ways to prevent duplication:

  • Run a search "My possible publications created by my Co-Authors" that is in the Search menu’s dorpdown list, before uploading.
  • Instead of manual upload, if it is possible, retrieve data from databases, because in this case the automatic duplicate-checking investigates the data fields involved in duplicate-filtering and immediately finds out if something is already in the system.

Classification of publications

The type, subtype and category of the publications play an important role in the reviewing. For help with the correct setting, see the Type, Subtype, Category v4.3 (September 18, 2018) guide.

Institutional affiliation of publications

It is mandatory to specify each publications, which institution it belongs to.


Uploading and by saving records to MTMT does not meet the requirements by itself. They will only become verifiable and assessable once they have been approved. Approval can be done by the author or by an authorised person or MTMT administrator.

Approval is a time consuming task because it is only successful, if the required information are filled out and the publication has not been uploaded by someone else earlier, therefor it is not a duplicate.

Table selection

By selecting the menu "Edit own data" under the author profile will open the personal profile. With this "Summary table template" option you can set which MTA Department’s rule must be taken into consideration to calculate and group the uploaded publications by MTMT.

Checking tables

Authors can check the implementation of evaluation criteria in the statistics and lists automatically generated by MTMT, that are calculated on the basis of uploaded and approved publications. General statistics are available under "Statistics", summary and academic tables are available under "Reports and Templates / Templates".



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