Reporting Day K21 – Results in the light of quality improvement

At the third quarterly report of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee 2023, the leaders of the working groups reported on the results of the past quarter, ongoing work and changes.

The reports on the Electronic Content Usage Survey and the ELTE Staff Survey, prepared with the assistance of the Primary Research Working Group, were unanimously adopted. The data for the 2023 Student Needs and Satisfaction Survey have been aggregated and the analysis is in progress. Preparations are underway for the revision of the Quality Management Manual.

The Process Management Working Group has finalised the consolidation of the tasks in the Task Catalogue, and the process inventory and the definition of key processes will be prepared in the future.

The Communication Working Group provided information on the tasks and achievements of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee through our website, newsletter and short film entitled „3 months – 3 minutes”, and contributed to the success of the preparation and administration of the K21 reporting days meetings. News was published about the University Library Service's honourees, as well as the functioning and services of the ELTE Library Network for first-year students.

The Green Library Working Group will organise an awareness training for the staff of the University Library Service in the autumn.

The library managers held two meetings in the third quarter to discuss, among other issues, the lessons learned from the survey on the use of electronic content, the 2024 EISZ orders, the ELTE staff survey report and current issues.

The staff of the University Library Service participated in a strategy workshop this summer. Joint work is planned to continue early next year. The review of quality objectives is ongoing.

An update on the achievements of the K21 Quality Coordination Committee and our new developments will be posted on our website soon.

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