The Pro Bibliotheca Universitatis Prize was founded by the University Library. The University Library awards this prize to staff with outstanding performance, whose invaluable achievements have benefited the work of the library. This is a prestigious award for worker of the University Library. The prize was established in 2000, and the honour is awarded to individuals, who have contributed in a very special way to the pursuit of the library in the form of long-term (least 3 years) commitment. Previous award recipients: 2023
The University Library has a history spanning over 450 years, and it has always been in the service of Hungarian culture and academic science, not only with its collections but its erudite directors and colleagues as well. Here follows the history of the library and its building from the 16th century up till now, supplemented with a selected bibliography at the end.
There is a so-called collection share between the ELTE libraries, whereby the libraries of the various faculties and the collection of the University Library and Archives together provide direct access to the specialized literature of the sciences taught and researched at the university.
The library was founded by Miklós Oláh, archbishop of Esztergom, in 1561. It became a university library in 1635 when Péter Pázmány founded the university of Nagyszombat. The Royal Hungarian University and the library moved to Buda together in 1777, then to Pest in 1784. The present building of the library was built in 1876 according to the plans of Antal Skalnitzky. The most beautiful room is the Main Reading Room. It is more than 200 square meters and receives natural light through the glass ceiling; in addition, its walls are decorated with frescoes painted by Károly Lotz.
The vision statement of Eötvös Loránd University Library Service By providing services which meet the needs of the information society, by creating a transparent and user-friendly library system, by operating an integrated library organization we hope to belong to the most modern university libraries of the region.
In the quality improvement project accepted by ELTE in 2007, it undertakes to extend the quality improvement processes to the whole organization. The library system as an important service of the institution is part of that too. The K21 Library quality improvement project works with the support of the Quality Management Comittee of the university. The purpose of ELTE University Library Service (EKSZ) is to improve the satisfaction of the library users like instructors, researchers, students, and other visitors.