University archival mosaics – Coat of arms of the Eötvös family

Loránd Eötvös, the namesake of the university died on April 8, 1919. His ancestor, Miklós Eötvös (1716–1783) was promoted to baronhood in 1768 by Mária Terézia for his military merits. The promotion was also accompanied by a title donation. In the family’s new coat of arms, the golden, standing griffin is a prominent element of the heart shield, which is a symbol of courage and speed. The quartered shield shows the charges and an undulating white ribbon representing the river Tisza near Vásárosnamény. There is a baron’s crown on top of the shield as a helmet decoration. The landscape in the background was made upon the idea of the designer, its description, unlike that of the coat of arms, is not included in the letter. The first page of the noble letter contains the painted coat of arms, which is depicted in our picture. The diploma is on display at our exhibition „Under the spell of accuracy – The life and work of Loránd Eötvös”.

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