oa@lib.elte.hu (Tibor Faragó-Szilvási)
Why should a publication be Open Access? Because OA provides more publicity. Because the social and scientific impact of the publication may be greater. Because it is a funding requirement. Which license should I choose? Copyright and use rights for Open Access publications are expressed and licensed under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. When you choose the Open Access appearance, each publisher specifies which licenses to choose from.
Open Access does not violate copyright, the publication of articles in this form is legal.
By choosing the „golden Open Access path”, authors usually have to pay a publication fee (APC/BPC – Book Processing Charge). In order to fully take over or reduce this financial burden, the university and its individual faculties provide the following opportunities for researches, lecturers, and students with ELTE affiliation.
Open access: green way This method of publishing is also called self-archiving. The essence of it is that a non-final version (pre-print, post-print) of an article published in a  subscription journals can be placed by the author on his/her website or in an institutional repository, from which anyone can access it after a certain embargo period (e.g., 0-24 months). The publication repository of ELTE is EDIT.